Artlux Whitepaper

Artlux is an NFT marketplace and NFT real estate powered by the Artlux Token (ATX). Artlux empowers artists, collectors, and institutions to create and hone exclusive Web3 experiences.
Artlux is also an extension of a future Metaverse also powered by the $ATX.
In this documentation, you will find all you need to know about Artlux, including its tokenomics (ATX), vision, and goals.
Problem Statement
Introducing Artlux — What is Artlux?
Artlux Key Features and Offering
NFT Launchpad and Marketplace
NFT Staking
Artlux Token (ATX)
NFT Lottery
NFT Games
Artlux Metaverse
Why Choose Artlux—NFT marketplace, Metaverse?
Binance Smart Chain scaling virtual engine
Multi-chain support
NFT analytics
Various use cases
Intuitive application
Secondary NFT market royalties
Artlux NFT Real Estate
Artlux NFT real estate marketplace
The Artlux Token (ATX)
Artlux Token (ATX) Tokenomics
1. Tier-1 CEX listing
2. NFT staking
3. CMC and CG fast track listing
4. NFT marketplace launch
5. Lottery platform launch
6. Multi-chain support
7. NFT lottery launch
8. NFT games
9. Artlux Metaverse
10. Artlux mobile app
11. Real estate NFT marketplace launch
12. Play-to-earn (p2e) game launch
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